Манескин, Том Морелло - GOSSIP

Манескин, Том Морелло - GOSSIP
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  • Опубликовано: 2023-01-14 23:15:59
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Текст песни
Måneskin - GOSSIP feat. Tom Morello
Måneskin, Tom Morello - GOSSIP
Манескин, Том Морелло Госсип

Welcome to the city of lies
Where everything's got a price
It's gonna be your new favorite place
You can be a movie star
And get everything you want
Just put some plastic on your face

This place is a circus
You just see the surface
They cover shit under the rug
You can't see they're faking
They'll never be naked
Just fill your drink with tonic gin
This is the American dream, so
Манескин, Том Морелло - GOSSIP